Monday, December 7, 2009

It´s Christmas time again

So it´s finally that time of year again. It seems like in the last two weeks everyone in the Cancun area decided to put up their Christmas lights, it was like one day there were barely any and the next day everyone had their decorations up.

I have noticed here that the majority of the residence go for the real Christmas tree option instead of the fake trees. I think it´s just awesome. While living in Spain for three years I barely saw any real Christmas trees for sale during this time of year, so I was surprised to see the huge amounts of real Christmas trees for sale when I went to WalMart a couple weeks ago, the smell was just divine. Of course, it´s not just WalMart that have them available but all major stores, well had them available. Yesterday, when we stopped by the local Costco, who had tons of them were now only down to the finally few.

This year like the last 6 years we went with the fake tree, less clean up and you don´t have to worry about watering it, I do miss that Christmas tree smell though. For the third time in 6 years we had to buy the whole Christmas decoration and tree setup. I guess that´s pretty normal when we´ve lived in 5 diffrent places in 3 diffrent countries within the past 5 years.

We lucked out on our buy. We picked Home Depot as our spot to get everything and thank goodness we did. As it came to our surprise all trees were 20% off and all decorations were 40% off, awesome!! The tree we picked out was 1300 pesos +/- at its original price and after 8 boxes of ornaments we only paid 1100 pesos. Yeah, I don´t know how that happend. With the 20% off the tree still would have cost almost 1100 pesos. Well, I´m not going to complain. The only thing that Home Depot didn´t have was lights for the tree, so we got them at WalMart.

The assembling of the tree took me about an hour, that´s not including hanging the ornaments and lights. The tree was much bigger than it looked at Home Depot and didn´t reach the roof by an inch, phewww. So, after two and a half hours and help from my daughter the tree was up and looking beautiful. I´ve posted some pictures below.

Like I said in the beginning of my post, Cancun is looking quite Christmasy with it´s lights put up. It´s not as nice as the cities of Spain during this time of year, but at least they got lights up in the streets. I will be taking and posting some pictures of Cancun so stay tuned for those.
Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fed up with Hotel Life

Since we arrived here, about a month and a half now, we have been living in a hotel. Yeah, at first it sounds great and it was, but after a month and a half things are getting a bit crowded.

So the other day we went apartment/house browsing. Saw some great properties but of course a bit over the budget. Isn´t that great when realtor's do that to you. ¨I know you said properties within a certain budget but let me just show you this one since it´s on our way.¨ Anyways, at the end of the day we found a great apartment. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, laundry room, a great open plan living/dining room and kitchen plus all the appliances you need, which is a plus here in Cancun, a big plus. The only thing we probably will have to buy is a bigger TV. Of course I can´t leave out that there is also a great pool and jacuzzi with BBQ area and wifi, a kids play ground with swings, slides, mini mountain climbing wall, basketball court and a huge board of chess. My favorite part has to be the fully equipped gym. Carlos and I were planning to get gym memberships after we found a place but this way worked out way better.

I am now counting the days till we move, which is on the 24th of this month. The 24th of November is also a very special day for Carlos and I because it is also our wedding anniversary. So I guess I´ll be moving a whole lot of crap on my wedding anniversary, let´s just hope I don´t also have to cook dinner! =)

We couldn´t have picked a more perfect time to move in for Thanksgiving. I can finally make a Thanksgiving meal after 5 years. The last time I had a chance to prepare a Thanksgiving meal was in 2004 when we still lived in Las Vegas, so it´s about time. Carlos is not American but he does enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, or maybe it´s just the food he enjoys.

So the big move to our new apartment is only in 8 days. I can´t wait.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Adventure Getting Here

I finally got internet connection but haven´t had the time to post all the blogs I´ve wanted to. So I guess I´ll start now and start from our adventure from Spain to Cancun.

After almost two months of waiting my daughter and I have finally been reunited with my husband, but boy was it an adventure to get here. If you didn´t know we were living in Asturias, Spain. Our flight to Cancun was to leave out of Madrid which is about a 5 and a half hour drive from Asturias. So instead of driving the almost 6 hours to Madrid and then hoping on a plane for 10 hours and 45 minutes we decided to cut the drive to Madrid in half by heading down to my inlaws second home in Leon a few days before our flight.

We arrived in Leon on Thursday 3 days before our flight, which was a Sunday giving me time to rearrange suitcases and double check everything. Well, this is when the problems started. Like many of you know on most flights you are allowed 2 check-in luggages per person (makes 4 in total for me and my daughter) and they are only allowed to weigh up to 25 kilos, or so that was the restrictions for Air Europa.

My lucky husband flew off to Cancun with nothing more than one suitcase and his GOLF CLUBS. I on the other hand had to pack and then drag with me my clothes and shoes, my daughter´s clothes and shoes & clothes and shoes that my husband couldn´t fit in his 1 suitcase because he refused to leave is clubs behind, not to mention I had to fit in all in 3 suitcases. Why 3 suitcases only? Well, my husband has one of these deflatable 2 seater kayaks that he also wanted me to bring along, which left me with only 3 suitcases. Why did I even say yes to bringing it?!?! Not only did I barely get all our stuff in the suitcases but of course they were all over 25 kilos.

So late Saturday night I was finally done packing all our crap and off to bed I went so I could be ready to go in the morning. At 4:00am Sunday morning I was awoken by bad cramping and a urge to run to the bathroom. Yes, not only would I be driving 2 and a half hours to Madrid and then hop on a plane for 10 hours 45 minute flight, but now I would be accompanied by lovely Mr.D.

Before heading to Madrid we of course made an emergency stop at the Pharmacy. Then two and a half hours later as well as GPS problems and a few emergency stops to the bathroom we were in Madrid at Barajas Airport.

As we zigzagged through the huge crowds in the airport I could only pray that my suitcases were not that much overweight. When we finally made it to the counter I crossed my fingers and prayed, that didn´t seem to work. My three check-in luggages were weighed in at 31, 29 & 27 kilos. The only thing that wasn´t overweight was the flippin kayak which weighed in at 17 kilos. Thank goodness the young man helping me out was very helpful. He let the 27 kilo suitcase pass and the extra 4 kilos on the other was passed only because the kayak was underweight. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately I only had to pay for 1 suitcase. Fine with me!!!

After becoming luggage free my daughter and I finally said our good-byes to my inlaws. Bittersweet moment I must say. Sweet because we were finally going to see my husband and bitter because good-byes just suck, especially to people you care dearly for.

Our good-byes were said and off to the plane it was. We were seated at the back of the plane, the last row in the middle column to the back. I thought we couldn´t get better seating. Right next to the bathroom and no one behind us, it was perfect. My daughter and I also lucked out big time on our plane, it seemed like our plane was an upgrade up from the one my husband took. All passengers had their own individual tv and remote located in from of them and all recently released films, perfect!!!!

The flight went very smoothly, Mr. D was on his best behavior and my little girl was a SUPERSTAR!!! I am so proud of her. Well, I shouldn´t be surprised, she has flown on more planes in her 6 years than most of my family members but she was still a superstar.

Of course you know when coming from another country your adventure has not ended yet, there is still immigration and customs to go through. We passed through immigration with no problems but as we went to pick up our luggage before going through customs I realized there was only one of me up against 3 large suitcases and a large box. Thank goodness for my superstar daughter who held the carts while I lugged the luggage on board and for also maneuvering a cart herself because of course all four did not fit on one cart.

The customs line was long. Did I say the customs line was long? Well let me say it again it was long. As we waited in the long line sweating I see at the corner of my eye something I haven´t seen in a while, my husband. All we could do was wave through the glass doors, but it was just nice to see his face. When our time did come to now take down all our luggage and put them through the scanners I was lucky enough to have a handsome young man offer me a hand. He helped me take down all my luggage from the cart and back on. Thank goodness for this angel, if not I would have been there a good 15 minutes struggling with really upset people standing in back of me.

As we finally got through customs and out the glass door where my husband waited I literally fell in his arms and so did my daughter. A sweet and happy ending to a long and somewhat fustrating adventure or should I say a great beginning to a whole lot of new and old adventures.


Hurricane Ida has come and gone

The Yucatan Peninsula got very lucky yesterday as Hurricane Ida passed by changing from a category 1 hurricane to a category 2 hurricane. Winds were suppose to get up to 90 mph or higher accompanied by heavy rain. Fortunately we didn´t experience none of that what so ever. The truth is yesterday was probably one of the best days we had in a couple days. It was cloudy with scattered showers but barely any wind. Hurricane Ida passed us by gave us a quick but gentle hello and went on her way.

Looking out the window today you wouldn´t know that a category 2 hurricane passed yesterday. Skies are sunny today with a bit of clouds and great temperature to head to the beach.

We were lucky here but unfortunately she did hit harder in countries like El Salvador where the death total has reached 124. My deepest condolences go out to all the people of El Salvador especially the families who have lost someone.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tropical Storm Ida picked it up a notch to a category 1 hurricane!

Late Saturday night Tropical Storm Ida re-strengthened herself into a category 1 hurricane moving at 12 mph. Heavy rain and winds of up to 90 mph are expected here in Cancun. A hurricane warning is in effect for the northeastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula from Playa del Carmen to Cabo Catoche. There is also a hurricane watch from Tulum to Playa del Carmen.

More information can be found at the following sites: National Hurricane Center, AccuWeather or any of your favorite weather websites and channels.

Hurricane Ida maybe a category 1 but we are all alerted to take precautions. If you maybe driving today please be cautious. Roads here in Cancun do get flooded and we are all aware of the many batches and holes that maybe hidden under all these flooded areas.

So far the weather here seems like a normally rainy and windy day here in Cancun but we must be prepared, we never know what can happen. Mother nature can be very unpredictable.

I have taken some pictures from my balcony to show what´s going on right now outside.

I´ll be writing any updates as they come along. Be safe out there!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Final Days in Spain

So we are finally down to the last 4 days here in Spain. I thought I was in a hurry to get to Cancun but as the time draws near I am full of mixed emotions. We have been here in Spain for almost 3 years now and of course we have adapted to the way of life here and living here. So right I am filled with a whole lot of mixed feelings.

I am a bit sad to know that we will once again be far from family and to once again take my daughter out of another school and away from all her friends that she has made here. Though, when I think about it I know we will be better off there and we are lucky enough to have a daughter that adapts will to all situations and diffrent locations and not to mention I will be able to be with my husband after a long month and a half.

We will have to start all over again and adapt to a diffrent way of life and location but I know it will be a bit easier since it will not be our first time living in Cancun. I guess I have to think of it as a new adventure and a beginning to a better life.